Notes on Sheldon Brown, Chris Gocong

by Tommy Lawlor,

Cleveland Browns fans just picked up a couple of football players from the Philadelphia Eagles via trade.  Here’s scouting reports on both players.

BROWN — 7-year starter at RCB.  Lacks ideal size or speed, but has good man cover skills.  Crafty veteran who knows every trick in the book and will use them.  That will lead to some penalties, but he gets away with far more than he’s called for.  Aggressive player, against the run and pass.  Likes to anticipate routes and break on the ball.  Will bite on fakes.  Dallas has burned him a few times in the last couple of years.  Sheldon makes his share of plays.  Had a career high 5 INTs in 2009.  Broke up 17 passes, the 2nd highest total of his career.  Can press and be physical or play off.  Effective in trail coverage, although he lacks the ideal burst for that.  Outstanding hitter and tackler.  Has some real pop.  Has landed big shots on Reggie Bush and Steven Jackson in the last few years.  Versatile defender can line up in the slot and even slide to FS in some sets.  Good blitzer.  Does everything on the field at full speed.  Great effort.  Tough guy.  High character veteran player and a good leader.  He did just turn 31.

GOCONG — Started at SAM linebacker the last 3 years.  Played DE in college and was a very productive pass rusher at Cal-Poly.  The move to LB has been mixed.  Made excellent progress in his first couple of years there, but flat-lined in 2009.  Very good run defender.  Can be stout at the point of attack.  Able to take on lead blockers and stuff them or hold his ground.  Good tackler.  Does a solid job of working through trash to get to the football.  Pretty good athlete.  You see that a lot more on run plays where he’s just reacting to the offense and going for the ball.  Coverage has been an issue.  Isn’t natural in space.  He looks mechanical at times.  You can tell he’s thinking about things instead of just playing.  Much more effective when he’s attacking upfield.  Very good motor.  Runs pretty well.  Has shown some signs of pass rush potential.  Most impressive moment was when he used a good spin move to get off a block and sack Tom Brady in 2007.  Didn’t prove to be a natural fit for SAM in the 4-3.  He was an effective starter, but that was his ceiling in the 4-3.  Could be a quality player in the 3-4.  Needs to be more of a pass rusher and attacking, edge LB.  Smart guy and a high character player.


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2 Responses to “Notes on Sheldon Brown, Chris Gocong”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hey Tommy… This move all but assures that the eagles draft a corner at #24. Can you post on eaglesblitz a comparison of Kyle Wilson vs. Devin McCourty. From what I have read, these guys seems pretty similar, both have good cover skills, are physical corners, and have a passion for the game. As I am sure these are guys the eagles are targeting, I am trying to decide which one to root for as the eagles pick at 24.

  2. shlynch Says:

    Said another way … Brown and Gocong are the exact types of players that Mangini coached in New England.

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