Mel, Mel, Mel …

by Tommy Lawlor

I just happened to catch a couple of minutes of SportsCenter.  They did their “On the Clock” segment on the Cowboys.  Trent Dilfer said that Dallas is the best team in the NFL.  That’s ridiculous hyperbole, but we deal with that stuff all the time.  The discussion moved over to Kiper who mentioned that Dallas could go for a WR with their 1st round pick … Jordan Shipley of Texas.


Mel says that Shipley is rising.  My response…no, he’s not.  Shipley had a great year for Texas.  Scouts and teams studied that guy all Fall.  He’s done nothing in the postseason to “rise”.  Mel might be getting feedback from some assistant coaches who didn’t watch Shipley during the season, but scouts knew about him and I’m sure loved him.  He might be rising on Mel’s Big Board.

As for the notion of Shipley in the 1st…big mistake.  He is a good slot receiver, but you don’t take those guys that high.  Kiper compared him to Wes Welker.  Let’s talk about that.  In the last 2 years Welker has 234 catches.  He has 7 TDs.  7.  Wes is great for moving the chains, but he isn’t a big time playmaker.  Do you really want to spend a 1st round pick on a guy who moves the chains like that?  And don’t discount how important Randy Moss is to the production of Welker.

I will be shocked if Shipley is picked in the 1st round.  I cannot see that happening.  I don’t think he’s worth a 2nd, but going in that round isn’t out of the question.

Is Kiper losing it?  Is he doing this so that people will talk about his ridiculous predictions?  Does he just have really bad sources?  I think the hair gel is starting to leak into his brain.  We’ll know for sure when he tells us that Brandon Spikes had a good Pro Day.



3 Responses to “Mel, Mel, Mel …”

  1. mcud Says:

    Not to mention that Shipley will turn 25 during his rookie season, which would make him the oldest 1st round pick since…well…maybe ever.

  2. shlynch Says:


    … since Jerome McDougle.


  3. mcud Says:

    Eight days older. Eight.

    I hate you.

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