Jevan Snead is an Idiot

by Tommy Lawlor

I’ve been watching tape of Oklahoma State QB Zac Robinson.  He had a down year.  You remember that he was without stud TE Brandon Pettigrew (graduation), stud WR Dez Bryant (suspension), and stud RB Kendall Hunter (injury).  You see Zac running the OSU offense, but the skill players around him not getting the job done.  Dropped passes.  Sloppy routes that turn into INTs.  And so on.

Zac goes to the Senior Bowl and plays really well.  Suddenly we can forgive a lot of the struggles of 2009.  He showed that with the right people around him he can still be a very good player.

Jevan Snead had a down year.  Back in 2008 he threw for 2,762 yards with 26 TDs and 13 INTs.  Snead looked like a player on the rise and possible 1st round pick.  This year he threw for 2,632 yards with 20 TDs and 20 INTs.  He only finished 72nd in the nation in pass efficiency.

Jevan’s argument is that he was going pro because he would be graduating this spring and losing so many veterans around him.  He would lose 3 OL, a TE, his best WR, and Dexter McCluster.  That’s a lot of firepower.

Somebody figured out a couple of years ago that the formula for successful QB prospects in the NFL was completion percentage + starts.  A QB needed to complete 60% of his passes.  There was no specific number for starts, but the more the better.

Jevan sat down with an agent and figured out that the “smart” thing to do was come out early after a poor season, knowing he only has 2 years as a starter and has a lifetime completion percentage of 55.  Thinking like this would send up a major red flag for me.

I called him an idiot because his decision is short-sighted and dumb.  Does he not think NFL teams wouldn’t understand that he’d be without key players next year?  Just as importantly…he robs himself of a chance to play in the Senior Bowl.  Go back to Zac.  That was a key for him in getting back some momentum.  Zac really helped himself down in Mobile.  All Jevan can do is go workout at the Combine.  That won’t mean diddly poo (to borrow a quote from Jim Mora) compared to what the Senior Bowl could.

The first key to being a successful QB is good decision making.  Snead has shown NFL teams that he needs a lot of help in that area.


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One Response to “Jevan Snead is an Idiot”

  1. Tim Says:

    That heading sounds like my words exactly from the other night. It would have been tough to have as bad of a season this year if he has NFL talent. Plus, all the guys he’s losing that are NFL talent players might make him seem less important.

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