Bill Polian Is At It Again

by Tommy Lawlor

Colts GM/President/Head Honcho Bill Polian said in a recent interview that the offensive line “did not have a good game” and got “outplayed”.  I don’t fully agree.

Peyton Manning had plenty of time to throw the ball for most of the night.  He wasn’t sacked even once in the game.  The Colts primary runners, Donald Brown and Joseph Addai, combined to have 17 carries for 95 yards.  That is more than 5 yards a carry.

The OL did fail in some short yardage situations.  The final series of the 1st half wasn’t good.  At the same time…Mike Hart was the RB.  Mike needs a good hole.  Brown and Addai are gifted enough to make something from nothing.  Gifted RBs can make their blockers look good.  Nate Newton used to say that he became a Pro Bowl G the minute that Emmitt Smith arrived.  He was the same blocker before that move, but the results weren’t the same because Emmitt wasn’t the guy carrying the ball.

One other thing bothers me.  The Colts annually take mid round picks and try to develop them.  Is it really fair to expect those guys to develop into a dominating line?  The Jets have a great line.  They invested 1st round picks in a couple of players and big money in signing a couple of others.  The Jets have a right to expect their guys to control the LOS.

The Colts O-line didn’t have a great showing in the Super Bowl, but placing a lot of blame on them just seems unfair.  They didn’t let Drew Brees complete pass after pass.  They didn’t drop throws from Manning.  They didn’t throw the ball to Tracy Porter.  They didn’t fail to recover an onside kick.  The Colts had quite a few breakdowns.  Why pick on the Big Sexies and give the skill players a free pass?



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