Teasin’ n Pleasin’

by Steve Steiner

Is Braylon Edwards worth the frustration?  The soon-to-be free agent has a ton of talent, but his drops and inconsistencies make him seem like as much a tease as a playmaker.

Is he worth it?  Yes, I think he is.  The Jets need to re-sign Braylon Edwards. Although his hands will always be an issue, it’s something you overlook because he possesses that rare combination of size and speed.

If the Jets look to Free Agency for a replacement, they’ll soon find out the choices are lacking. The CBA makes figuring out who would be available a bit of a riddle right now, but no matter how it shakes out, the list of receivers better than Edwards isn’t a long one . You have Terrell Owens, who has a very similar skill set, but he’s nine years older than Edwards and he behaves like a nine year-old. Antonio Bryant was impressive in 2008 and then struggled with injuries. Austin Miles and Vincent Jackson aren’t going anywhere.

Edwards gives the Jets a big, fast target for quarterback Mark Sanchez to grow with.  Sanchez needs a go-to receiver.  That could be Edwards if he plays to his potential.  Jerrico Cotchery led the team in catches this year, but is that the guy you want your QB leaning on?  Who knows?  Maybe Dustin Keller will grow into that role. I don’t think they should count on Edwards to be that guy, but you can count on him to stretch the field, and keep teams from crowding the line of scrimmage. That can be important, especially for a run-first offense.

Jets fans will just have to learn to live with the occasional frustrating drop. No big deal.  After all, New York fans are tolerant, right?



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