Super Bowl is Set

by Tommy Lawlor

The way you build a Super Bowl team is by establishing a dominant ground game and then playing great defense.  Or maybe you get a star QB and have him throw the ball all over the place and outscore teams.

In the old NFL running the ball and playing stout defense was the way you had to build a team.  That just isn’t the case anymore.  The rules favor the offense more and more each season.  The Colts and Saints are teams that can play good defense, but they are built around their star QBs.  Offense is the constant.  Defense is the side of the ball you hope shows up.

In the 2009 season the two best teams were New Orleans and Indianapolis so I guess it is fitting that they meet for the title.  Both teams had great years, slightly marred by sloppy finishes.  The playoffs came around and both squads just flipped the switch and went right back to kicking butt.

The Super Bowl should be entertaining, but I can’t say this is the most compelling game, especially to the media.  Having an underdog like the Jets would have made for more exciting stories.  Having Grandpa Favre would have been a circus.  Instead we have to settle for the best teams.


I talk about the media from time to time.  Phil Simms said something unbelievably dumb during the AFC title game.  He talked about how different this Colts team is because they are balanced.  They can play offense and defense.  Uhh….okay.

Hey Simmsie…go check out the 2006 postseason.  The Colts won that Super Bowl because of their defense.  Look at the scores:

WC round – IND 23, KC 8

Div. round – IND 15, BAL 6

AFC CG – IND 38, NE 34

SB – IND 29, 17

The Colts defense allowed 5 TDs in the 2006 postseason.  Indy gave up a TD on offense and STs as well.  That is very good defense.

I get ticked off when a smart guy like Phil Simms doesn’t know stuff like this.  I did.  I’m no Colts fan.  I don’t cover their games.  He should know that their defense played a huge part in them finally winning the big game.


Is anyone else surprised by all the retirement talk?  Favre will be a circus for the next 6 months.  DE Aaron Schobel of the Bills said he’s leaning toward quitting.  DT Pat Williams of MIN is 50/50.  Kurt Warner is trying to figure out what he wants to do.  Ed Reed and Derrick Mason aren’t sure about their futures.

Jeff Feagles thinks all these guys are a bunch of Nancy-boys.  They can have his special punting shoe when they pry it off his cold dead foot.  Maybe.


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