Jerry’s World

by Tommy Lawlor

Last year the Eagles humiliated Dallas in the season finale, beating the Cowboys 44-6.  That loss was so bad that Jerry Jones woke up and smelled the coffee (it was actually Sanka).

Jones had fallen in love with big names and the soap opera feel of the last few Dallas teams.  He knew they were talented, but also enjoyed the constant attention, whether good or bad.  Jerry liked running the circus.

The loss to Philly cut through layer of evil flesh after layer of evil flesh.  It was so deep that it bruised Jerry’s ego (once thought an impossible task).  Jerry then decided to quit running a freak show and concentrate on putting out an actual football team.

Pacman, TO, and Tank Johnson all got exit visas.  Disgruntled vet Greg Ellis left town.  DE Chris Canty headed for Giants Stadium.   No huge free agents were signed.  Dallas decided to let their young guys play.  Great move.

Anthony Spencer had a very good year.  Austin Miles made the Pro Bowl.  Mike Jenkins played at a high level and Orlando Scandrick became a good Nickel corner.  DE Stephen Bowen emerged. Jerry did the right thing by getting rid of the turds and playing the young guys.  His team responded in a big way.

Dallas wasn’t humiliated this year in their final loss, but it was pretty bad, 34-3.  How will Jerry respond this time?  Can he resist his urge to go make mega-deals in order to add big names?  Dallas could be restricted because of the quirky CBA rules about playoff teams adding players.  That could be a blessing in disguise for Jones and Cowboy fans.  Dallas doesn’t need a bunch of huge additions.

Jerry will want to do something.  There aren’t a bunch of turds to let go this year.  Maybe I should start a rumor that DeMarcus Ware and Felix Jones are major troublemakers.  Okay, here goes.

DeMarcus Ware and Felix Jones are major troublemakers.  Jerry Jones must cut them if Dallas has any chance to beat the Vikings and get to the Super Bowl in the future.

(We’ll see if Jerry falls for it.)

Coaching stability is a step in the right direction.  Dallas could use a player or two for depth / specific roles.  The big key for them is to have the young guys continue to improve.  A lot of outside help just isn’t needed.  I’ll be very interested to see what moves Jerry does or doesn’t make.  His old buddy Terrell Owens will be available.  Can Jerry resist?  LaDainian Tomlinson could be on the market.  LeBron James is a pending free agent.  Cavs fans should forget about the Knicks as a suitor and focus on the Cowboys.

Quit being smart and rational Jerry.  That isn’t entertaining to us non-Dallas fans.  Go put in a bid on the Elephant Man’s remains.  That could be just the motivational tool that your team needs to break through and win in mid-January.   Or not.  At least it would entertain the heck out of me.


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