Title Games Are Set

by Tommy Lawlor

The Vikings will play at New Orleans.  The Jets will go to Indy.  Good stuff.

Minnesota was 9-0 at home this year, but only 4-4 on the road.  That is critical.  The Vikings defense played great in home games down the stretch, but struggled on the road.  More than half of the Vikings sacks came at home this year. The last time an opponent scored more than 10 points in Minnesota was back on October 18th when Baltimore put up 31. The Vikings D has been sensational at home since that game, allowing a total of 49 points in 6 games.

Road games are a different story.  Minnesota allowed 92 points  the last 3 away games, all losses. And all due respect to Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, and Kurt Warner, but Drew Brees is a whole other level right now.

This is the matchup most of us wanted.  You have the top two seeds playing.  The Saints were the best team in the NFC this year and the Vikings looked like a Super Bowl team at times.  Should be a good game.

The Jets pulled off a shocker in San Diego.  I sure didn’t see that game coming.  Give Rex Ryan a ton of credit.  He did a terrific job with that team.  That defense is for real and the Jets are getting just enough offense to win.  I’m not sure they can go to Indy and beat the Colts, but the Jets D vs Peyton Manning is a real interesting matchup.

As for Indy…they just keep rolling along.  They don’t always win pretty, but they do win.  The Colts and Jets in the playoffs.  That seems to ring a bell.  Have they ever played before?


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