Tennessee 2-Step

by Tommy Lawlor

What the heck is the University of Tennessee going to do?  Duke coach David Cutcliffe turned them down this morning after disagreements about the coaching staff.  He was the perfect fall-back option after guys like Will Muschamp and Troy Calhoun turned down the job.  Cutcliffe has been a very good assistant at UT and knows that school and program.  With him out of the picture the Vols are back to square one.

Reportedly they are going to hire La Tech head coach Derek Dooley.  This is a desperation move, but it isn’t without merit.  He had some success at La Tech in 3 years.  Dooley is the son of legendary UGA coach Vince Dooley.  Derek knows SEC football from his upbringing.  He understands the pressure and just how cut-throat that league is.

Vols fans will embrace him because he isn’t Lane Kiffin, public enemy No. 1 in the Volunteer State.  Dooley is young (41) and energetic.  He’s never had great talent to work with, but also hasn’t faced great competition and pressure.  It will be interesting to see how he handles everything.

If the move is finalized it will appeal to me in a historical sense.  Derek’s father is the greatest coach in Georgia history, but he is an Auburn grad.  One of Auburn’s best coaches ever, Pat Dye, was a Georgia grad.  Arkansas’s best coach was Frank Broyles, a Ga Tech grad.  Ga Tech’s best or 2nd best coach was Bobby Dodd, a Tennessee grad.  I love how guys will switch schools and create a legendary career that gets them associated with a university they might have hated while in college.  Derek, by the way, went to Virginia.


New player notes were posted on ScoutsNotebook today.



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