Couple of Things

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I hope plenty of you were able to watch the HOU/TEN game on Monday night.  That was a lot of fun.  Vince Young played well and the Titans won.  Texans kicker Kris Brown had a chance to tie the game late, but missed on a long FG.  He just missed a long kick against Indy as well. 

I had mixed feelngs about who I wanted to win that game.  I’ve been a Jeff Fisher fan since he was an assistant coach with PHI, SF, and the Oilers.  I also like the Titans organization.  They’ve had some real high quality scouts and personnel guys over the years. 

At the same time, it is hard to root against the Texans.  They have a solid organization, good players, and a good fanbase.  I feel bad that they haven’t been able to break through and get to the postseason.  Losing on Monday doesn’t kill them, but they do have an uphill battle. 

Thanksgiving Games

There has been talk recently about whether the Cowboys and Lions should keep playing home games on Thanksgiving Day.  Do they have an unfair advantage?  Should the league mix it up? 

Leave the games in Detroit and Dallas.  We need some traditions to be left alone.  I don’t think the game of football should be trapped in 1969, but I do think that we need some ties to the old days.  And that doesn’t mean throwback uni’s.  We know the league does that to sell jerseys. 

Baseball is probably too tradition oriented, but football needs to be more in that direction.  Don’t get away from certain ties to the past.  Constant change isn’t a good thing.  NASCAR made a lot of changes in the last 15 years to appeal to new fans.  They ticked off some of the old school fans in doing so and now are finding out that the new fans are fickle. 

The NFL is a well-run sport and is still headed in the right direction.  I like an awful lot of what the league does.  I’m open to some of the changes.  I do think we need to leave certain things alone.  Thanksgiving games should stay as is.  I do like the night game on the NFL Network.  That’s a nice touch. 

There is a benefit to Dallas and Detroit keeping games.  I can teach my nephews how to hate Jerry Jones at least once a year when the whole family is together.  I can also get them to watch the Lions and see how football isn’t supposed to be played.  Unless of course Matt Stafford and Jim Schwartz do get that organization turned around.


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