Wild Sunday

by Tommy Lawlor

DAL 7 , WAS 6 — Washington outplayed Dallas much of the game.  They led 6-0 late in the 4th Qtr and were on the move.  The drive stalled and they had to settle for a long field goal attempt.  It missed.  Dallas had run the ball most of the game, but their passing attack came alive on the ensuing drive.  Tony Romo ran around and hit Patrick Crayton for the winning TD.  Jason Campbell tried to lead WAS on a late drive, but had a pass deflected and picked off.  Great effort by the Skins.  They lost an OL in the game.  Portis didn’t play.  Ladell Betts hurt his knee and left the game early.  Big Al missed the game.  They came real close to winning, but the offense couldn’t get into the end zone and Shaun Suisham missed a pair of FGs. 

DET 38, CLE 37 — Who thought this would be one of the game of the day candidates?  The Browns got out to a huge lead, 27-3.  Detroit fought their way back into the game and took a 31-27 lead.  Brady Quinn led the Browns to a 37-31 lead late in the 4th Qtr.  Matt Stafford and the Lions got the ball back, but had no timeouts.  They also had a long way to go and not much time to get there (kudos to Jerry Reed).  Stafford worked the Lions down the field to about the CLE 30.  There were only 8 seconds left.  He took the snap and dropped back.  He got pressured and ran around for a couple of seconds trying to find somewhere to throw from.  Finally he had some space and hurled the ball into the end zone.  Stafford took a huge shot and fell to the ground.  The ball went into a crowd in the end zone.  The Lions didn’t make the catch, BUT WAIT…we have a couple of flags on the play.  Pass interference on the Browns.  That means one play from the 1-yard line will decide the game.  Backup QB Daunte Culpepper came out to take the snap, but there was a timeout.  Stafford went back onto the field.  He faked a handoff and then hit TE Brandon Pettigrew with a good pass for the tying score.  The kicker came out and nailed the PAT to win the game.  Great comeback win for Stafford and the Lions.  Painful loss for the Browns.  At least they scored points. 

* I didn’t watch much of the KC/PIT game.  I just assumed that the Steelers would put the Chiefs away.  I saw it tied late and PIT had the ball.  I flipped back to another game.  Next thing I know the game is in OT.  Big Ben took a hit and left the game.  QB Byron Leftwich came in.  The Steelers were near FG range, but a good tackle by LB Jovan Belcher drove them back a couple of yards and they punted.  Chris Chambers caught a pass over the middle and headed down the sideline for a gain of 60+ yards.  That set up the winning FG.  Huge win for the Chiefs and coach Todd Haley.  That team now has won consecutive games.  Those players needed to taste some success. 

* I did watch a lot of the NYG/ATL game, but turned away in the 4th when I thought the G-men had it wrapped up.  The Falcons tied it up and the game went to OT.  Eli Manning came up big in OT (had a good game overall) and led the Giants down the field to set up the winning kick.  WR Mario Manningham and TE Kevin Boss looked like they had big days. 

* BUF lost to JAX on a late TD.  Interim coach Perry Fewell did a pretty good job from what I could tell.  The Bills had a lot of energy.  They threw the ball well.  TO chipped in a 98-yard TD and had a big game. 

* IND beat BAL in a tight game.  The Ravens lost because they had to settle for 5 FGs (missed a 6th).  The Colts were just good enough to get the job done. 



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