Some Saturday Stuff

by Tommy Lawlor,

Irish go down in OT — UConn went to South Bend and beat ND 33-30 in OT.  No shame in losing to a tough UConn team.  The only thing that Irish fans should be ticked off about is how easily the Huskies ran the ball late in the game and in overtime.  They have a one-dimensional offense and you should be able to shut them down or at least really make them work for every yard.  That didn’t happen. 

Craig James is an Idiot — He starts talking and has no idea what will come out of his mouth.  Craig told us that ND lost to Pitt last week and is now losing recruiting battles.  He muttered something about the Irish losing to players who should have gone to ND.  Huh?  Did those recruits sign with Pitt 3 weeks ago?  Recruiting takes a year or two to really have an affect.  ND’s struggles will hurt them on the upcoming signing day.  That will affect them in 2010 and 2011. 

Clemson Isn’t Choking — The Tigers were infamous for coming up small in big games under Tommy Bowden.  They came into today’s gave with Virginia with a chance to seal a spot in the ACC title game.  BC’s loss to UNC earlier in the day already took care of that, but Clemson still went out and took care of business.  They aren’t going to back into the title game.  They earned their way in.  Good for the Tigers.  A loss in the title game or bowl game won’t fall under the “Choke” category. 

SEC Barnburner — Ole Miss just took the lead over LSU, 22-17.  The game is early in the 4th.  Entertaining game.  Dexter McCluster is one fun kid to watch.


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