Thursday Night Thoughts

I started watching the USF/Rutgers game.  South Florida was awful tonight and that game was painful to watch.  Neither team is all that good.  Both teams seemed to bring out the worst in each other.  Rutgers won going away.  Final was 31-0 I think.  I stopped watching shortly after halftime.  Remember when Big East primetime matchups were fun to watch and incredibly compelling?  Didn’t matter whether it was WV, Pitt, USF, Rutgers, or Louisville.  Any combination of those teams were going to give you a good game.  There was a streak of great games at one point.  I long for those days. 

I turned my attention to the NFL game.  The Bears were out in Frisco to take on the Niners.  It was a defensive battle, but fun to watch.  For some reaon I really enjoy SF’s defense.  The only great player is ILB Patrick Willis, but the other guys play real tough defense.  I love effort guys. 

I also love watching Frank Gore.  It would be great to see SF develop a good O-line so that Gore would consistently have holes to run through. 

Jay Cutler had a bad game, partially due to bad luck.  He threw 5 picks, but a couple weren’t his fault.  Still, his team put up 6 points and he had 2 Red Zone INTs.  No way to spin that other than saying he struggled. 

OL Chris Williams was called for a late hit late in the game.  Obvious call.  Unbelievably dumb mistake.  He went to Vandy.  Smart kid.  Yet, late in the game he takes out a LB standing near a pile?  Huh???  Lovie Smith probably wants to kill him. 

Dre Bly was called for illegal contact on 4th/10 with about 2 minutes left.  He hit the receiver 10 yards downfield, even if it wasn’t much.  Dumb on his part.  That kept the drive alive and the Bears marched right down to the 15 yard line.  They stalled out there and Cutler was picked by Mike Lewis to end the game. 

SF ended a losing streak and showed a lot of heart in doing so.  We’ll see if they can build on this.  Chicago is mired in a slump, having lost 4 of 5.  The Bears played better defense, but tonight their offense let them down.  I’m sure Bears fans are sitting there asking “Why’d we trade for Cutler if he’s going to throw 5 picks”?  Cutler is very talented, but he’s always been a bit erratic.  Jay threw 32 INTs in his last two years in Denver.  He simply forces the ball at times.


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