Early Friday Stuff

Here are a couple of good articles to check out on teams that are off the beaten path. 

First up is a midseason review of the Rams by a good STL writer.  He offers some interesting thoughts on what has gone right as well as wrong.  Good stuff.

Rams Midseason Review

Next up is a quick article on Seahawks LB David Hawthorne.  Who?  Exactly.  David took over for Lofa Tatupu when he got hurt and has played pretty darn well.  You hate to see good players go down with injuries, but the flip side is that you love it when young guys step up and show they can play. 



I watched some of AFC Playbook last night on the NFL Network.  One group that stood out was the Colts DBs.  Those guys close to the ball in a hurry.  They showed passes in several games where the receiver was open and the ball was on the way.  The DB got there in time to break up the pass or pick it off.  Last year Indy only allowed 6 TD passes all year.  They’re stingy again this year.  We hear a lot about Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis (rightfully so), but the secondary is pretty darn good, with or without Bob Sanders.


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