Sunday Night Thoughts

There are an awful lot of teams in the league right now that I just don’t know how to feel about.  I watched part of the CAR/ARZ game.  The Panthers have struggled most of the year, but after the win they are just a game different than the Cards, 3-4 to 4-3.  Perception is that the Cards are easily the better team, but they lost the game.  Frankly, I don’t trust either team. 

Both GB and CHI are 4-3.  Neither team has impressed me.  The Jets are 4-4, with some good wins and bad losses.  SF has fallen to 3-4.  Just a few weeks back they were riding high.  I like the Niners, but they just don’t score enough consistently to be thought of as a true contender.  They did give the Colts fits today.  Mike Singletary has given that team a really tough edge. 

All the Favre hype aside, the Vikings/Packers game was fun to watch.  It almost got out of hand at 24-3, but the Pack woke up and got right back in the middle of things.  The Vikings are a pretty good football team.  They are now 7-1 on the season.  I’m still not sure if I buy them as a Super Bowl team, but they’re getting the job done right now. 

Sometimes the analysis from the guys at ESPN is just bizarre.  They started talking about the Cowboys tonight.  Dallas was 2-2, but has now won 3 straight.  Boomer, TJ, Trent Dilfer, and John Saunders talked about how Dallas bottomed out and is back on track.  That I agree with.  The Boys are playing well right now.  The ESPN guys then started to ask if Dallas was a different team this year, focusing on the way the team has righted the ship after some early doubts. 

Do the ESPN guys not remember history?  Dallas has been good from September – Thanksgiving each of the last 3 years.  They had some bumps in the road last year, but those were injury induced problems more than anything.  December is what kills Dallas. 

2006 … 2-3 in December

2007 … 2-2 in December

2008 … 1-3 in December

Those struggles have cost them a Wildcard spot and one dvision title.  Dallas is 0-2 in January, but that’s a different story.  Any talk of this Dallas team being different is useless until Christmas.  We need to see how the Boys play in the month of December.  That is when teams step up their level of play and get really serious about things.  Or do like Dallas and struggle. 



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